The Ice Child


“Meanwhile, the “Ice Child” actors neither look at each other nor physically interact: Deployed in two-person scenes and positioned symmetrically on either side of the stage, sometimes separated by the video, they face the audience and intone their lines into microphones, as if they were participants in a poetry reading.  This arrangement can appear striking, especially when saturated colors, like bright yellow and cobalt blue, drench the backdrop. (lighting design by Joseph R. Walls)”


“Sara Barker (Catherine) put on a brave face, but her character slowly slips from incredulously to outright terrified. Each gradual change of emotion plays across her face, helped by Lighting Designer Joseph R. Walls’ use of colors to set the mood of each scene”


Factory 449: a theatre collective | Washington, D.C.
C. Stanley Photography
Director | Hunter Styles
Projection Design | Jesse Achtenberg
Lighting Design | Joseph R. Walls 

May 2012 Mead Theatre Lab at Flashpoint