Shadow Lands

The Washington Ballet | Washington, D. C.
Artistic Director | Julie Kent
Choreography | Dana Genshaft
Victoria Pickering/IGDC Photography
XMB Photography
Music | Omnivorous Furniture | Mason Bates
Costume Design | Reid Bartelme & Harriet Jung
Lighting Design | Joseph R. Walls 


“Once again Joseph R. Walls hit it out of the park with his lighting design. Light dazzles forth in a vertical beam that peeks between two almost-closed curtains. Subsequently, a spectrum of mood-shifting colors bathes the dancers.” Carmel Morgan – Critical Dance

“….male and female principals, who etched out a love story amid the dystopian mood. The lighting design by Joseph R. Walls was a performer itself, shifting the mood with an array of colors.”  Peter Orvetti – MD Theatre Guide



April 2019 Harman Center for the Arts