Mamma Mia!

Sundance Mountain Resort Sundance, Utah
Suzy Oliviera Photography
Director | Matthew Herrick
Choreography| Becky Wrights Phillips
Scenic Design  | Josh Steadman
Costume Design  | Dennis Wright
Hair & Makeup Design  | Heather Jones
Sound Design  | Matt Tibbs 
Lighting Design Joseph R. Walls 

Joseph R. Walls make magic with the lighting…. Walls’ showstopper, for me, is “Voulez Vous” where the lighting goes from an energetic party vibe to visually displaying Sophie’s growing confusion and emotional tension.”

Front Row Reviewers

“Some of the standout moments from the show include….the dream sequence at the beginning of the second act with its ominous green lighting [by Joseph R. Walls]and zombie-like choreography.”

Deseret News 


Sundance Mountain Resort

July 2019 Sundance Summer Theatre