American Repertory Ballet | New Brunswick, New Jersey
Artistic Director | Ethan Stiefel  Artistic Associate | Gillian Murphy
Choreography | Ethan Stiefel | Johan Kobborg
Rosalie O’Connor Photography
Scenic Design | Howard C. Jones 
Costume Design | Natalia Stewart
Lighting Design | Joseph R. Walls 


“Re-staged and partially re-designed for ARB, the production, for the most part, looks very much like “Giselle” always has — albeit somewhat spiffier, thanks to Howard C. Jones’ crafty scenic design, Joseph R. Walls’ gorgeous lighting, Julian Kelley’s intriguing projections, and the spirited skirts of Natalia Stewart’s costumes, which flit about in delightful amplification of the dancers’ jumps and spins. And its modifications, while subtle, are smartly conceived and make for an entertaining and widely-accessible ballet-going experience.”  Lisa Jo Sagolla Community News Princeton

“One of the most important aspects of Giselle is highlighting the difference between Act 1 and Act 2, the physical world and the supernatural – visually achieved through Joseph R. Walls’ mystical red, green, and blue lighting and the opposing pastoral and ominous set designs by Howard C. Jones.”  Nadia Vostrikov The Ballet Herald



March 2023 New Brunswick Performing Arts Center