Ballet West | Salt Lake City, Utah
Artists from Ballet West
Artistic Director | Adam Sklute
Production Conceived and Produced | Adam Sklute after original choreography 
Original Choreography | Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot
Additional Choreography | Pamela Robinson Harris
Photography | Beau Pearson
Scenic and Costume Design | Peter Cazalet
Lighting Design | Joseph R. Walls 

“…experiencing the glorious beauty of the Ballet West production at the Soraya at CSUN, highlighted by beautiful sets and costumes by Peter Cazalet, magnificent lighting by Joseph R. Walls” 

“The scenery seems to be taken directly out of a painting. With the addition of the performers, it creates a moving picture indicative of the old French Romanticism that the ballet originally hails from. The costumes were similarly wrought with beautiful detail and texture. My favorite part was watching the Wilis dance with long veils overshadowing their heads and arms. It created a hauntingly beautiful effect to the graveyard scene. The lighting by Joseph R. Walls is similarly expert in creating the mood of the piece while also highlighting important points within each scene. Subtle details like the ominous moon and the peaceful breaking dawn tell the story in ways that the performers cannot express themselves.”

Richelle Sutton Front Row Reviewers Utah

“Albrecht is saved and her soul is liberated from the phantoms thanks to her resilience. Her final fade into her beautifully lit, translucent grave (lighting design by Joseph R. Walls) at the very end is satisfying because the act itself does not call for one last, tearful goodbye. The prince’s destiny to regret his lie for the rest of his life is felt even more strongly because she leaves him rather unceremoniously.”

Lara J. Altunian LA Dance Chronicle

January 2020 Janet Quinney Lawson Capitol Theatre