Denouement – a World Premiere

Atlanta Ballet | Atlanta, Georgia
Kim Kenney Photography
Choreography | Gemma Bond 
Costume Design  | James Whiteside 
Lighting Design | Joseph R. Walls

“Gemma Bond’s World premiere….Bolstered by Joseph R. Walls’ brilliant lighting design, the stage appeared to deepen as the piece unfolded, revealing a forest of transparent panels behind which the dancers stood like sentinels; they observed — sometimes knowing, sometimes unconcerned.”  -Kathleen Wessel ARTSATL

“With cyc panels upstage and exposed wings, the stage and piece had a pedestrian feel. I loved how the entrances and exits were upstage through the panels, and Joseph R. Walls took this as an opportunity to light dancers upstage standing still and waiting, almost observing the other artists as they danced downstage.” -Allison Gupton Dance Informa

“The feel of the piece with [Joseph R. Walls design] its dark, blue-tinted lighting is contemplative. Multiple rectangular scrims are in the background and dancers occasionally recede behind the scrims and reappear. [is] one thing that makes the piece powerful.”  -Catherine Manne The Dance Enthusiast 

“In Denouement, a premiere by Gemma Bond, the company evinces its continuing strength in one-act, abstract, contemporary works. With themes of time and choice as inspiration….. conveying a struggle for freedom. Predominantly cold, blue lighting by Joseph R. Walls coupled with scrims to suggest doorways and distance adds dimensions to the drama.”     -Rachel Hellwig



March 2017 Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre